Since its foundation, the Palumbo Group has always been a family business where the employees were known by name and the owners had the ability to preserve this kind of “intimacy” also after expanding their activities far beyond the confines of Naples.

Therefore, we consider this section of the site crucial, and we are proud to present and describe to you the incredible work that our employees do every day. Education and experience as well as motivation and professionalism are the core attitudes that we research and value in each of our workers.

Technical Department

The long experience of our senior engineers, along with the avant-gardism of our younger designers, permits us to offer you a wide range of services for an all-around treatment of the yacht.

Our Service Package includes engineering repairs and maintenance – Structural work – Surface preparation and treatment – Carpentry – Interiors – Soft furnishing and upholstery – Recoating and refinishing – Hardware installation and repairs – Repairs and installation of HVAC systems – Rigging repairs – Custom stainless steel fixtures and fittings – Electrical installations – Repairs and installations of navigational equipment and control – State of the art automation – Entertainment solutions.

In order to satisfy any request, even the most challenging, we have also selected many sub-contractors, who share with us not only a solid “client oriented” approach but also a wide spectrum of skills and expertise; they understand the specific and complex requirements of the Super Yacht Industry, supporting us to fulfil our commitment to offer you an excellent customer service.

All our sub-contractors have been approved by our technicians and they are committed to respect our delivery standards and deadlines. A big part of them, have already worked on the site for many years, long before the acquisition, and had therefore the chance to build an important network of suppliers and to gain a deep knowledge of the territory and its resources.

Project Management

Our Team of Project Managers has already demonstrated outstanding organizational and problem solving skills being also supported by our experienced technical team of naval architects, engineers and procurement staff.

Driven by the strong passion for their work, they follow with attention and professionalism each single project without saving time and energy, interacting daily with the captain, the management or the boat owner in order to update them on the ongoing works.

Thanks also to a well structured Team-work they are able to schedule all the activities in an effective and efficient manner, coordinating also the intervention of sub-contractors when their involvement is needed or required.


By taking an holistic approach to our work, also the Crew Members and their well being are a priority to us.

Our Front Office ensures that the crew members always feel comfortable and welcome, being happy to assist you with any kind of inquiry, infact, we would be very pleased to give our assistance in any travel request, car hire, medical and accommodation requirements.

We have also created a dedicated site for the crew, which could furnish important and precious insider tips that might help the crew to discover and live Marseille, one of the most vivid, multicultural and characteristic cities of the Mediterranean.

In the center of the Provence Region, Marseille offers a multitude of beautiful places and spots worth seeing, that is almost impossible to get bored, especially due to the hospitality of its inhabitants.